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Update from Lima Peru

Well I have spent my first 24 hours in South America. I flew into Lima, Peru last night and after making a new friend went out on the town today exploring the La Punta area. More on that soon!

I just wanted to provide a quick update to everyone back at home. Before leaving I was warned by nearly everyone to be very careful. Among other things I was told the following:

  • You will get thrown in jail and they will throw away the key
  • Its too dangerous you will get kidnapped
  • You will be robbed by taxi drivers
  • You don't speak any Spanish, so you won´t be able to get around
  • Be very careful with people who are overly friendly
  • You don't have enough money
  • Your bus will be hijacked or you will get mugged in the city

So far none of these things have come close to happening, with the exception of the people bing overly friendly. Everyone is very welcoming and has been very nice. Not because they wanted money, but because they are genuinely nice.


Through a day of exploring the town and sightseeing, taking the mini buses to our destinations, I have seen no aggression toward me or anything of the sort. Tomorrow we will be going out to Mira Flores to see some more of the city, so I hope the same holds true tomorrow.

It just seems like living in the US we are brought up with alot of limiting beliefs about other places in the world that we are naive about. My hope is that in the coming months, I can show some truth to my audience and shed some light on the real South America.

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The Arrival Chapter 1

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