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Two weeks in South America by the numbers...

We'll time has flown by the past two weeks for me experiencing some of the greatest days of my life thus far. I decided to take a little time to reflect on this voyage by the numbers.


  • Miles traveled-6990
  • Time Zone Changes-3
  • Friends made-maybe 5 that I'll keep up with
  • Cites I've stayed in-5
  • Hours on the tour bus-64 ouch
  • Regrets-1 using sunscreen, I guess mom always knows best
  • Problems from any people here-0
  • New lady friends-6
  • Ridiculous moments-Countless

Check out the map courtesy of GCMap.com

Also I got some great video and pictures that I'll be posting when I get into BA Monday, so stay tuned...


Repelling Gay Suitors and Eating Aligators

Repelling Gay Suitors and Eating Aligators

A Day at the beach. Arica, Chile! Sorry Seattle