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Buenos Aires- What 2 months on the road have taught me

Ok, breathe….As I kick back tonight, content to just sit in the kitchen of my apartment, lights out , window open and peer out at the glowing city lights, illuminating the skyline. I pause for a second to set flame to my white owl vanilla Cigarillo, my version of  a victory cigar, how fitting. I’d pop the top to some bubbly and throw a glass in the air, but I’m dieting, for now it’s coca cola light.

I’m declaring my love for life and living it without borders. Enjoying finding pleasure in simplicity and everyday living. My daily walks through this city to my gym have become a favorite hobby of mine, each day a new route planned and a new experience that opens my eyes a bit wider to a world I’d never before known. I find that relationships are more important to me here with people I don’t even know well. The lady at the gym who helps me speak Spanish, my Columbian room mate George who has become my partner in crime, every day these people bring a smile to my face.

I’ve ridden bikes drunk with Aussies, explored cities with a Metallica loving Chilean and exchanged playful kisses with Argentine girls. I’ve had at length political discussions with Brits and Canadians,  and enjoyed an unspeakable encounter with a curvy Columbian girl on an overnight tour bus.

This is youth transitioning to manhood, ignorance transforming into understanding, foreign strangers becoming amigos by finding commonalties that transcend continents. The absurdity of my prior expectations are only matched by the exceptionally crazy world I’ve entered and fallen in lust with.

Eating hot dogs at 4 am with 3 Californians on the way home from the club talking about women and travel. Sharing our 6th liter of Quilmes with my room mate at 5 am in the kitchen, talking 90‘s hip hop. Interviewing expatriate entrepreneurs from the US who have made the voyage and set up successful businesses here, learning business doesn’t have to be what you read in a book, that sometimes it looks more like a Pub Crawl.

Experiences and memories, I can never forget. A lifestyle I can strive to replicate at home. A journey into the unknown, that taught me more than I’d ever known before.

From enjoying the breeze off the Southern Pacific in Arica, Chile, while watching waves crash ashore as a mother and her son play beach tennis.  To relaxing in Plaza Independencia in Mendoza, enjoying a flute band play beautiful music I’d never before heard until the early morning.  Onward to watching the sunrise between the building from a rooftop terrace, explaining my dreams and aspirations in a mix of Spanish, English and comical gesticulations.

An adamant reader with a thirst for education and a need for a higher understanding of life. I’ve finally found my muse, located the greatest teacher. The answers to my questions, my elusive treasure chest of knowledge, lies beneath my feet on the open road.

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