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Mendoza- A Turning Point


A wonderful Vineyard in Mendoza

I reclined on the seat of the Chevalier Tour bus, lost in deep thought as the outskirts of Mendoza raced by out the window. Feelings of loneliness and sadness had just hit me. I was over 7,000 miles from home traveling alone and starting to experience symptoms of homesickness. I’d already made some amazing friends on this trip, but when traveling, these connections formed with others criss-crossing the globe are fleeting. The experiences you share are often the only thing that survives the tests of time and distance.

What If I just went home now? I thought to myself. There are so many things I miss even though I’ve been enjoying the greatest days of my life. I was only 3 weeks into a 3 month long journey of a lifetime and yet I was already yearning for the comforts of home.

I knew that this feeling will come and pass. I had to pull through and stay the course. It was time to finish what I’d started, realize my destiny. I knew that I could live with failure, but not with regret…


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