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Answering Your All Travel Questions

Answering Your All Travel Questions


Answering Your All Travel Questions


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If there is anything that I have learned in the past few weeks while doing the “Knowledgeable Nomads” series, it is that there are simply more people content with being skeptical and saying what is not possible than there are people who are willing to make bold, life changing decisions and hit the road.

Later this week,  I will be discussing how you can make money while traveling, but first, I’d like to respond to the skeptics and answer some of the questions that have been raised in relation to my recent posts.

Here are some questions I’ve received regarding the first 3 posts of this series. First, Brent writes, “I just read your article on how to travel the world for free. If you have to pay to use the sites you mentioned and have to book plane tickets and trade your time working, how is that free?

Look guys, you can pick things apart all you want. Yes, you may run into a few costs while traveling the world, I was assuming that most people would know this. No one will pay all of your costs while you meander through the world, I’m sorry to break it to you. What I am presenting you with is how you can LIVE anywhere for free, meaning free lodging, in exchange for a bit of work. Yes you might need to shell out the 22 Euro’s to join the sites, the cost of a hostel for a night, but you will see your money back tenfold in your savings while on the road. Nothing is free or simply going to come to you without any effort; it takes balls, (not literally ladies) and a little street smarts to be a Game Changer.


My photo from the beach in Arica, Chile

Next, Suzy asks, “I loved your post and I am motivated to hit the road! Unfortunately I am scared as a female traveling solo. Is it safe for me to travel?

Thank you for your question Suzy, I am glad you are contemplating heading out on your own, it is a tough thing to do at first. Women do face unique challenges while out on the road, but these are by no means something that should deter you from solo travel. Sure, if you are walking down the street, it is very likely in many places throughout the world that you will hear whistles and have many suitors lining up, more so than you would likely experience at home. However, throughout much of the world women have little to fear other than this and the prospect of petty theft. Doing thorough research on your destination will alert you to any particular challenges you may face in that region.

Furthermore, you will likely find no problem in making new friends. Traveling solo is a wonderful way to meet new people. The amount of invites from fellow travelers and locals alike will provide you with some fun and amazing experiences while out on the road. My advice is to start your travels in a place used to a lot of tourists and with a large expat community to get used to the prospect of traveling solo. This will give you a nice crash course and make you feel empowered when heading out on your next trip. I have met many females on the road traveling solo who wouldn't travel any other way.

Next, Jack asks, “This is awesome! But the main problem with travelling for me is the cost of the plane ticket. How can you afford a $800 ticket to Ecuador? My brother works for an airline company that gives him a month off every year in 2 week intervals. 2 times a year they give him a free first class ticket to anywhere in the world! It's awesome for him but i'm still outta luck. Any idea on ticket costs?

Sure, Ecuador for $800 is spendy, but one of the airlines, I mentioned in my recent post on How To Find The Cheapest Flights can help you! Spirit Airlines is an awesome airline offering services to select Central and South American cities. I am not sure where you are based out of, but flights from cities like LA and Fort Lauderdale can be found for very cheap rates. As an example, you can currently catch a one way ticket from Ft. Lauderdale, FL to Armenia, Colombia for just $79! That is not a typo.

If you do not mind grabbing a flight into Lima, Peru, or Armenia, Colombia and then finding a bus for the trip into Ecuador, you can save big! I did this when traveling through South America and the bus service is cheap. Many travelers choose to go this route instead of catching the short distance flights in South America, which can be very expensive. The larger bus companies have huge nice busses and traveling this way can be a fun experience.

Lastly today, here is a comment from a reader pertaining to her upcoming travels that excited me. Amy writes, “My name is Amy. Right now I am eighteen years old and instead of going to college next year I am taking a gap year to do community service around the world! I am part of a new program at UNC Chapel Hill called the Gap Year Fellowship. They gave me a scholarship to go on my gap year. I am about to venture into the unknown...I can go anywhere I want as long as I am helping others.

In September I am leaving everything behind and jumping on a plane to India. Who knows where my travels take me after that!

Can’t travel the world free huh? I love the haters. You guys just don’t have the hustle Amy has. By the way I love that you are just jumping on a plane to India, you truly are a Game Changer! This should also help to answer the earlier question about female solo travel. Let’s try and put our problems aside and take the lead from Amy and the fellow Game Changers and start putting our plans in motion.

By the way I like UNC wayyy more now for them putting this program into action, even if the Tarheels did take out my U-dub Huskies in the Basketball tourney this year. Talk about a forward thinking progam, I love it!

Until next time my friends,  stay Living Bueno. Here is a video from a day out in Lima, Peru from last year!

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