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My Top Ten Travel Experiences

My Top Ten Travel Experiences

About two years ago today, I was planning my first solo trip out of the country. Since then my life has changed in so many ways for the better and I've used this blog to document to the best of my ability the incredible journey I've enjoyed along the way. Over the next few weeks, I'll be counting down my Top Ten Travel Experiences. Nearly all of these experiences weren't the lofty images I'd dreamt up before leaving, but rather the wonderful unexpected experiences that come only from taking a leap of faith and hitting the road.

Each day over the next 10 days, I'll be counting down the best experiences in an effort to nudge you would be travelers off your desk chairs and onto tour bus seats.

#10- Budapest walks through the city at night


The Crew and I in Prague (Minus Sarah who had the camera)

On my recent trip through Eastern Europe, we decided to stop into Budapest almost as an afterthought. Road tripping with some new Irish friends I’d met in Berlin, we decided to stop off in Budapest after touring Prague as mostly a stopover before heading down to Croatia. Little did we know that we would fall in love with the city, spending five days at the Black Sheep hostel which was a cozy little hostel on the cheaper side of the city. My buddies Mike and Mackey were traveling with 3 girls at this point, one being Mike’s girlfriend, and Christina and Sarah who we had befriended in Berlin. Each night Mike, Mackey and I would head out on our own to explore Budapest at night.


Grubbin and Sippin in Zagreb, Croatia

We didn’t really know much about the safety of the city or where the hell we were going for that matter. However we decided that getting drunk while on our walks would ensure that everything went smoothly, plus no one wants to try and jump 3 dudes with bottles in their hands. One night on one of these walks we ran into a cool little plaza with a waterfall and a vast open area where we hung out and talked about how perfect these fleeting moments are and how travel is a catalyst for some of the best unexpected moments in life.

Budapest at Night.jpg

Photo Credit- Csaavedra

This nightly ritual is something I miss the most about travel when I return home. I’m pretty sure the girls all thought we were going to the strip club as we’d be gone for three hours and come home wrecking of booze. In fairness if we had the money they probably would have been right. Though we would go out the next day and explore the city by daylight, acting the way “good tourists” should, the night time strolls were simply unbeatable and one of the things that you don’t plan or expect when setting out on a trip, but rather something that just happens.

The spontaneity and the rush that comes from not knowing what is around the next corner and what surprise might come up next is an amazing feeling, having a little buzz sure helps take the edge off as well. It seems that sometimes the things that many travel guides encourage you to avoid, end up being some of the best experiences of your journey.

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Top Ten Travel Experiences #9 Stumbling Through Buenos Aires

Top Ten Travel Experiences #9 Stumbling Through Buenos Aires

Split Croatia Beach At Sunset

Split Croatia Beach At Sunset